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May 20, 1997

It's over, folks.

I present you with the final installment of Ashes of the Phoenix. It has been a pleasure to write, but it has also been very difficult work. In this past year and a half, the characters have become an integral part of my life. I would like to dedicate this novel to a South African person I knew as "The Limit," who loved my work but died in a hit-and-run accident before I reached chapter 21.

I'd also like to give thanks to Phil Stroffolino, who got me some Tekken 2 Japanese mook books to use as reference long before any strategy guides reached US shelves, and Bladerunner, whose assistance with Mandarin Chinese phrases and plot/characterization details in general has been invaluable. And finally, thank you, my readers. If it weren't for your interest, I doubt I'd have had the motivation or the discipline to finish the story in five years, let alone a year and a half.

Finally, I have something to ask. Almost inevitably, whenever I posted a chapter, the next day I would see an error that I missed - in grammar, or in foreign language, or maybe even a gaff in continuity. I've fixed these errors in my own copies, though let it be noted that I've never made any major changes or rewrites. To those of you who display Ashes of the Phoenix or The Coming of Winter at a web site, or who wish to keep a copy for your own records, I ask that you contact me by e-mail so that I may send you the corrected chapters.

My best wishes to you all,


Ashes of the Phoenix takes place in the same continuity as my other five MK fanfics:

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and two of John Evans' MK fanfics

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You can get any or all this stuff from my web page at

BTW, constructive criticism, foreign language corrections, opinions, suggestions, etc. on my fanfics are always enthusiastically welcome. Heck, even if you don't like it, just take a moment to tell me why, and I promise to e-mail you a thank-you note for your time.

What Has Gone Before

Six months after Shao Kahn brought an end to civilization as we know it, only a handful of survivors are free from his curse. The Chosen Ones lead the fight to resist the Kahn's tyranny. In this changing Earth, most humans are frozen in time as the Kahn collects their souls one by one. Natural life is dying out, the need for food or drink is gone, and most wounds heal within a few minutes to a few days, if they don't kill you first.


[Brackets] enclose rough approximations of the pronounciations of non-English names. Video games that characters are from are listed in vermillion, after their ethnicity/nationality.

A "+" denotes video game & other famous characters who do not make a personal appearance in Ashes of the Phoenix.

The Forces of Light and Their Allies

   Catsclaw: sergeant of the 34th platoon, minor sorcerer, also facilitator of the alliance between the 34th platoon and Chief Thunder's warriors. Native American. Mortal Kombat*
   +Claudia Silva: spirit of the rain forests(?). Brazilian. Knuckle Heads
    Dark Mane: name of Kazuya's prisoner. Native American.
    Galgo [gahl-goh]: former name of Kabal.
   +The Great Kung Lao [kuhng lahoh]: legendary ancestor of Kung Lao. Chinese. Mortal Kombat*
   +Princess Jade: the twin sister of Princess Kitana. Outworld. Mortal Kombat
    +King Jerrod: former ruler of Outworld, deceased. Outworld. Mortal Kombat*
    Kabal [kah-bahl]: Chosen One, former member of the Black Dragons. Hispanic-American. Mortal Kombat
    Kate, Congden: soldiers of the 34th platoon. American.
    Major Jackson "Jax" Briggs: Chosen One, U.S. Special Forces member enhanced with bionic arms, commanding officer of Lieutenant Sonya Blade. African-American. Mortal Kombat
   +Johnny Cage: John Carleton, Chosen One and martial-arts movie star, deceased. American. Mortal Kombat
    Jun Kazama [june kah-zah-mah]: natural ecologist and healer/sorceress. Japanese, also part Korean & part Ainu in heritage. Tekken 2
   +Princess Kitana: Shao Kahn's adopted daughter, rightful heir to the throne of Outworld. Outworld. Mortal Kombat
   Kung Lao [kuhng lahoh]: Chosen One, Shaolin monk, member of the White Lotus Society, warrior-mage. Iberian-Chinese. Mortal Kombat
   Kurtis Stryker: Chosen One, police officer. American. Mortal Kombat
   Lei Wulong [lay woo-long]: Detective of the Hong Kong police department, afflicted with a terrible curse. Hong Kong Chinese. Tekken 2
   Liu Kang [loo kayng]: Chosen One, Shaolin monk, grand champion of the White Lotus Society, warrior-mage, were-dragon, also Shang Tsung's most hated enemy. Chinese. Mortal Kombat
   Michelle Chang [chayng]: warrior-mage. Half Native American, half Chinese. Tekken 2
   Nightwolf: Chosen One, Sanctuary's head sorcerer, also a werewolf. Native American. Mortal Kombat
   Paco, Sal, Zeke, & Pete: soldiers of the 34th platoon. American.
   Raiden [rye-den]: god of thunder, protector of Earth and the souls of his Chosen Ones. Japanese god. Mortal Kombat
   Raven of the Bright River: wise-woman, overseer of the Nation's domestic affairs, Chief Thunder's wife. Native American.
   Rock: warrior, descendant of the legendary Rock of centuries past. Native American. Soul Edge
   Seung Mina [sung mee-nah]: nurse, initiate of the Order of Light, descendant of the legendary Seung Mina of centuries past. Korean. Soul Edge
   Lieutenant Sonya Blade: Chosen One, U.S. Special Forces member, commander of the 34th platoon, also Kano's most hated enemy. American. Mortal Kombat
   Sparky: second lieutenant of the 34th platoon. American. Mortal Kombat*
   Sub-Zero: Chosen One, scientist, renegade Lin Kuei, younger brother and successor to the Sub-Zero who participated in Shang Tsung's first Tournament. Chinese. Mortal Kombat
   T. Hawk: warrior and wrestler. Native American. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
   Officer Takeshi Fujioka [tah-kay-shee foo-jee-oh-kah]: Detective of the International Criminal Police Organization. Japanese. Knuckle Heads
   Chief Thunder: elected leader and protector of the Nation, also an accomplished sorcerer. Native American. Killer Instinct
   Thunderbolt: warrior, Chief Thunder's son. Native American.
   Wang Jinrey [wahng jihn-ray]: prophet, old friend of Kazuya's grandfather. Chinese. Tekken 2
   Wolf Hawkfield: warrior and wrestler. Canadian Native American. Virtua Fighter 2
   +Master Wu [woo]: revered Shaolin abbot of the White Lotus Society, teacher of Liu Kang and Kung Lao, deceased. Chinese. Mortal Kombat*

*Sparky, Catsclaw, the Great Kung Lao, and Master Wu are not playable/fightable characters in the Mortal Kombat games, but you can read about them in the MK1 komic book by John Tobias. King Jerrod is not playable/fightable, but he is from the MK3 storyline.

The Forces of Darkness and Their Allies

   Commander Baek Doo San [behk doh sahn]: a.k.a. "Killing Hawk," employee of the Mishima syndicate. Korean. Tekken 2
    +Major General Baraka: mutant warlord of the Shao Kahn. Outworld. Mortal Kombat
    Captain Bruce Irvin: "Nightmare Impact," employee of the Mishima syndicate. Thai-African-American. Tekken 2
    Ganryu [gahn-roo]: employee of the Mishima syndicate, Kazuya's chief bodyguard, formerly a sumo wrestler. Japanese. Tekken 2
    Ishida, Kimura [ee-shee-dah, kee-moo-rah]: employees of the Mishima syndicate, Kazuya's bodyguards. Japanese.
    Jack-2: a production line of android killing machines, designed by Doctor Boskonovitch. Tekken 2
    +Kano [kay-noh]: supreme crimelord of the Black Dragons, Lieutenant Sonya Blade's most hated enemy. Wanted in 35 countries. Mortal Kombat
    Kazuya Mishima [kah-zoo-yah mee-shee-mah]: master sorcerer, son of Heihachi Mishima, current President and CEO of the Mishima syndicate, current King of the Iron Fist Tournament. Japanese. Tekken 2
    Kuma [koo-mah]: a big freakin' mad bear. Formerly Heihachi Mishima's pet, now property of the Mishima syndicate. North American wildlife. Tekken 2
    Lee Chaolan [lee chow-lahn]: a.k.a. "silver haired devil," adopted son of Heihachi Mishima, current vice-president of the Mishima syndicate. Chinese (born in Canton), raised in Japan. Tekken 2
    Mori [moh-ree]: employee of the Mishima syndicate, animal keeper. Japanese.
    +General Motaro [moh-tah-roh]: Centaurian warlord of the Shao Kahn. Outworld. Mortal Kombat
    Major General Ouro [ow-roh]: Centaurian warlord of the Shao Kahn. Outworld.
    Noob Saibot: Once a renegade Lin Kuei, now a slave of the Shao Kahn. Nationality unknown, presumably Chinese. Mortal Kombat
    Reptile: lone survivor of the Earth's reptilian race of saurians. From the Green Hell. Mortal Kombat
    Shang Tsung [shahng soong]: shape-changing demon sorcerer, close collaborator of the Shao Kahn. Was once Chinese, is no longer human. Mortal Kombat
    Shao Kahn [shahoh kahn]: Entropy personified, the source of the Evil that devours the Earth. Origin unknown. Mortal Kombat
    Shimada [shee-mah-dah]: employee of the Mishima syndicate, jailer, torturer. Japanese.
    Queen Sindel: the Shao Kahn's bride, and the key to his occupation of the Earth. Outworld. Mortal Kombat


    Alex: an evolved descendant of Troodon (a type of dinosaur). Australian wildlife. Tekken 2
    Alphonse, Lorenzo, Andrea: members of Kurtis Stryker's riot patrol.
    The Angel: Pistias Sophia, enforcer of the Divine Sanctions, and a presence that living beings justly fear. Transcends all mortal dimensions. Tekken 2
    Chih, Hsieh, Jiao [chih, see-eh, jee-ahoh]: members of the Hong Kong police department. Hong Kong Chinese.
    +Chun Li [choon lee]: renowned detective of the I.C.P.O. Chinese. Street Fighter 2
    +Dionysus [die-oh-nigh-sus]: Greek god of wine.
    Heihachi Mishima [hay-hah-chee mee-shee-mah]: father of Kazuya Mishima, adoptive father of Lee Chaolan, former President and CEO of the Mishima syndicate, former King of the Iron Fist Tournament. Japanese. Tekken 2
    +Henry Rollins: famous popular culture rock star, of sorts...
    Hu, Qiao [hoo, zhee-ahoh]: members of the Hong Kong police department. Hong Kong Chinese.
    +Jackie Chan: famous Hong Kong action movie star. Go see Drunken Master II, New Fist of Fury, or Supercop. Hong Kong Chinese. He's got his own PSX, NES, and arcade video games.
    +Jinpachi Mishima [jeen-pah-chee mee-shee-mah]: father of Heihachi Mishima, grandfather of Kazuya Mishima, good friend of Wang Jinrey, deceased. Japanese. Tekken 2**
    José, Daniel, María: members of the Black Dragons organization, close friends of Galgo, deceased. Hispanic-American.
    Mick: pimp. Hong Kong Chinese.
    +Perry Mason: famous fictional lawyer.
    +Roger: boxing kangaroo. Australian wildlife. Tekken 2
    Schultz: soldier under Sonya's command. American.
    "Skull-tattoo": friend of Mick. Hong Kong Chinese.
    General Steverns: Major Jackson Briggs' commander. American.
    Tieh [tee-eh]: call girl. Hong Kong Chinese.
    "Tiger-earring": friend of Mick. Hong Kong Chinese.
    **Doctor Boskonovitch [bohs-coh-noh-vich]: slave of the Mishima syndicate, designer of the Jack-2 android production line. Tekken 2
    Yue Cheong [you-eh jee-ong]: Detective of the Hong Kong police department, Lei Wulong's partner. Hong Kong Chinese.

**Jinpachi Mishima and Doctor Boskonovitch are not a playable/fightable characters in Tekken 2, but they are from Namco's storyline about the game.

Places, Organizations, etc.

    Black Dragons: international criminal organization. Kano is its supreme boss.
    Centaurians: a race of nearly invulnerable, half-humanoid half-horse monsters.
    Cosmic Furies: interstellar forces whose harmony protected the Earth from the Shao Kahn for millennia.
    Council of Elders: a branch of the Nation's government.
    Divine Sanctions: a cosmic celestial agreement stipulating, among other Laws, that no god shall interfere in another god's realm.
    Edenia: the former name of the Outworld.
    Forbidden Scrolls: ancient texts of the White Lotus Society, about the mystic secrets of shape-changing, lycanthropy, etc. Once known as the Scrolls of Flux.
    I.C.P.O: International Council of Police Officers.
    Iron Fist Tournament: a blood-sport fighting competition, hosted by the Mishima syndicate.
    Lin Kuei [lihn cue]: a secret society of assassins, based in China.
    Mishima syndicate: corporate conglomerate with a robotic private militia. Kazuya Mishima is its current President and CEO.
    Mother Realm: an ancient name for the Earth.
    The Nation: Sanctuary's governing body, a self-sufficient nation-state composed of refugees & warriors from various Native American tribes.
    New Era: the glorious future that Kazuya envisions for the Earth.
    Outworld: a world that the Shao Kahn has conquered and razed.
    Project Loki: Doctor Boskonovitch's deceptive invention.
    Project Titan: Sub-Zero's highly experimental invention, attuned to the biorhythms of Major Jackson Briggs.
    Sanctuary: the sacred lands of Chief Thunder's tribe, and the Chosen Ones' last bastion.
    Shokan [show-kahn]: the Outworld's greatest city; also, a race of four-armed human-dragon hybrids.
    34th platoon: once Lieutenant Sonya Blade's unit of 38 men, it has since been expanded to encompass as many soldiers as she and Jax could rescue from the Apocalypse.
    White Lotus Society: a secret Shaolin society devoted to the forces of Light, all but exterminated by Shang Tsung and the Shao Kahn. Also called the Order of Light.
    White Lotus Temple: home to the White Lotus Society, transported by sorcery from the Honan Province to Sanctuary. Also called the Temple of Light.


    Lei is a master of Chinese martial arts, also a detective in the Hong Kong international police force. He is investigating the death of his partner, who the authorities claim died in a mysterious airplane accident. Lei learns that his partner was fighting with someone when the plane went down, and he believes that this man is now working for Kazuya. So Lei travels to the second Rave War tournament for some answers, and to bring Kazuya to justice!
- Simon Hill, Prima's Tekken 2 Unauthorized Game Secrets