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Ashes of the Phoenix is my completed Tekken 2/Mortal Kombat 3 fan-fiction novel. It is set in the same continuity as my previous Mortal Kombat stories and the Tekken 3/Soul Edge sequel, Phoenix Reborn. Ashes of the Phoenix is dedicated to Jim Matson, a fan I knew as "The Limit."

Disclaimer: although Ashes of the Phoenix does not have explicit sexual content, some chapters do have foul language and/or graphic violence. All video game characters are property of their respective companies (Namco, Midway, etc.), and used without permission. This fanfic was not written for profit, and may not be distributed for profit.

All Ashes of the Phoenix chapters are available in HTML or text, at your convenience.

Lei, Jun, and Heihachi - this is the artwork that first inspired Ashes of the Phoenix.

Dramatis Personae - this is a comprehensive list of characters, place names, etc. in Ashes of the Phoenix.   HTML     Text

Ashes Translations - this is a list of translations of the foreign language phrases in Ashes of the Phoenix. It's meant purely for the curious; I promise that the only language you need in order to understand my stories is English.   HTML     Text

NEW! Fifteen years after I began Ashes of the Phoenix, my original chapter notes are long since lost... but as an offering to anyone who wants to learn more about the creative process, and the things that inspired me, here are retrospective chapter notes. These notes do have spoilers, so I strongly recommend reading the entire novel first.

Chapter Notes to Part I: Dissolution

Chapter Notes to Part II: Damnation

Chapter Notes to Part III: Destruction

Chapter Notes to Part IV: Redemption

Chapter Notes to Part V: Salvation

Part I: Dissolution

The Shao Kahn's invasion is slowly turning the Earth into the face of Hell. Jun Kazama and Lei Wulong strive to help the gods' Chosen warriors fight against the terror - but can they really make a difference, or are they merely the unwitting pawns of diabolic collaborator Kazuya Mishima?

Chapter 1: The Hour of Apocalypse    HTML     Text
Chapter 2: Encounters    HTML     Text
Chapter 3: Broken Glass    HTML     Text
Chapter 4: The Right Thing    HTML     Text
Chapter 5: Veneer    HTML     Text
Chapter 6: Open Invitation    HTML     Text

Part II: Damnation

Granted invitation into Sanctuary, Lei Wulong hopes for a chance to redeem himself; but a brutal murder forces cruel consequences upon him and Jun...

Chapter 7: Sanctuary    HTML     Text
Chapter 8: Nature Walk    HTML     Text
Chapter 9: Broken Promises    HTML     Text
Chapter 10: Serpent in the Garden    HTML     Text
Chapter 11: Due Process    HTML     Text
Chapter 12: Revelations    HTML     Text
Chapter 13: Blood Atonement    HTML     Text

Part III: Destruction

The time for subtle machinations has ended. Kazuya's army attacks! Do Sanctuary's defenders have any hope against an onslaught of ten thousand bloodthirsty mutants and Centaurians?

Chapter 14: Super Police    HTML     Text
Chapter 15: Invasion    HTML     Text
Chapter 16: Mourning    HTML     Text

Part IV: Redemption

Kazuya is not finished with the Earth's defenders. Their only hope of survival is to take the war to his doorstep, and challenge him for the fate of the world!

Chapter 17: Soul-Searching    HTML     Text
Chapter 18: Bait for the Trap    HTML     Text
Chapter 19: Captured    HTML     Text
Chapter 20: Monsters    HTML     Text
Chapter 21: Voices    HTML     Text
Chapter 22: The Dragon and the Unicorn    HTML     Text

Part V: Salvation

The final battle to save the Earth has begun...

Chapter 23: Ends and Means    HTML     Text
Chapter 24: The Greatest Power    HTML     Text
Chapter 25: Phoenix Rising    HTML     Text