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Til Death Do Us Part - this is a Reptile fanfic by John Evans, set in the same continuity as my stories by mutual agreement.

Inheritance - this is a Kung Lao fanfic by John Evans, again set in the same continuity as my stories by mutual agreement.

Revival of the Demon Warriors - this is an alternate-universe MK3 fanfic by John K., starring Kazuya Mishima. I shall let you, gentle reader, decide whether it is in the same continuity as Phoenix Reborn.

Note: TygerLander's Mortal Kombat Fan Fiction and Fan Art Gallery archives the previous MK fanfics in this series by John K. Look for his work under the author name "Johnny." TygerLander's Gallery also features lots of Mortal Kombat komic cover pictures.

Just a Game - originally meant to be a humorous summary of the MK comic story within the Mortal Kombat 2 Super Book, by the time I finished this it had mutated into practically a mini-fanfic - although not in the same continuity as my other fanfics, of course.

The Illusion of Memory, a Cammy short story guest starring Eagle from SF1 and Rob Vincent from Knuckle Heads. Half of the rough draft was written at the same time as The Blood On My Hands; half after I finished Phoenix Reborn. Enjoy!
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The Art of Sumai - this is an old E. Honda short story I once wrote. Most of the sumo wrestling details are blatantly taken from a Dragon magazine article about sumo wrestler RPG characters. The Art of Sumai is one of my earliest fanfics, so please don't expect too much from it...