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Fanfiction & Fan Art

Biku's Bookshelf - also with fanfiction on Sailor Moon & Star Trek, and original writings. - a HUGE fanfic archive, accepting submissions!
RpM's Street Fighter 2 Fan Fiction Archive - Go here. Now. You won't be sorry!
Tekken Maniax English Version - fan art, and an astounding merchandise collection.

Merchandise - selling not just books, but also video games and DVDs.
eBay - an auction site. Your best bet for finding rare Tekken merchandise! - buy video games and guide books very, very cheap!
Kenzerco - buy Knights of the Dinner Table comics & games!

Personal Home Pages

Acts of Gord - the trials and tribulations of one who rents and sells video games.
Fredart - more great sketches 'n' stuff by the author and artist of MegaTokyo.
The Panther's Den - featuring feline-themed fanfic and fan art.

Video Games: RPG Sites

Ashrael's RPG Headquarters - info on Beyond the Beyond, Persona, & Wild Arms.
Digital Devil Database - all about Persona and Shin Megami Tensei RPGs.
RPGamer - an amazing RPG site, covering big, small, and even Indie Game RPGs.
Starmen.Net - the biggest and best EarthBound fan website.

Video Games: Everything Else

GameFAQs - info, reviews, codes, & discussion boards for almost every video game!
Jun Shrine - back and better than ever!
The Kombat Pavilion - with komics and interviews! - The Threshold Network presents some nice info on the movies.
The Mushroom Kingdom - Obsessing over Mario since 1997.
Namco Bandai - the latest on Namco Bandai's beloved arcade games.
Tekken Zaibatsu - up-to-date Tekken info, with message boards!
Television Tropes & Idioms - every trope ever in games, books, movies, you name it.


8-Bit Theater - The chaotic evil Final Fantasy 1 sprite webcomic. Mature readers only.
Bruno the Bandit - A thief, his micro-dragon, and Discworld-esque social satire.
Concerned: The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman - Frohman's Half-Life 2 tragicomedy is now complete!
Dungeons and Denizens - What do D&D dungeon monsters do all day? Read and find out!
Erfworld - A strategy-fantasy game webcomic.
Goblins - Another D&D parody, from the Goblins' point of view!
Mark Shallow's Adventurers! - Don't let the crude art fool you; if you've ever played an RPG you'll split your sides. - One of the best Original English-Language Manga there is.
The Noob - Funny, funny MMORPG parody.
Order of the Stick - Part side-splitting satire of Dungeons and Dragons, part fantasy epic - don't miss this one!
Sluggy Freelance - Devil summoning, senseless violence, vampires, and more!

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