Thank you for reading my Mortal Kombat stories!

Now, enter my world of darkness...

All of my stories here are from the heyday of Mortal Kombat 2, except for The Coming of Winter, which I completed just as Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 hit the arcades. I wrote them in the following order, which is also the order in which I recommend reading them.

These fanfics are all set in the same continuity as and prior to Ashes of the Phoenix and Phoenix Reborn.

Disclaimer: although none of my stories have explicit sexual content, some of them have foul language and all of them have graphic violence. All video game characters are property of their respective companies, and used without permission. These fanfics were not written for profit, and may not be distributed for profit.

The Spinning Blade

Shao Kahn has captured both the ruthless Black Dragons crimelord Kano, and Kano's arch-enemy Sonya Blade. Chained to an arena pedestal across from his nemesis, Kano plots his escape - but is there really any way out?
         Additional Disclaimer: this particular story contains a great deal of foul language. It was sort of an experiment that way...

The Dragon's Jaws

After the bloodshed of Shang Tsung's unholy Tournament, Liu Kang returns to his Temple, only to find unspeakable horror. Does Kung Lao have any hope of saving his Shaolin brother's soul?

The Most Necessary Evil

Shang Tsung has plotted to gain control of the Earth for 500 years. The saurian Reptile is the evil socerer's most trustworthy ally... or is he?

The Blood On My Hands

Kitana is the Shao Kahn's personal assassin, as loyal to him as to a God. Loyal, that is, until her mission to retrieve Liu Kang leads her to question her most basic assumptions about her master, and her twin sister Mileena...
         This novella is dedicated to Kitana, keeper of The Ultimate Tekken Fanfiction Archive.

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The Coming of Winter

Indoctrinated among the Lin Kuei clan of assassins since his childhood, Sub-Zero has accepted his most dangerous assignment yet: eliminate Shang Tsung. Can he evade a Tournament of horrors and a netherwordly dimension of seven great obstacles to succeed in his task?
         Featuring guest appearances from Killer Instinct and Primal Rage, as well as Morrigan from Dark Stalkers.

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