Prologue: A Princess' Welcome

by Victar (

| Gadd Science Inc. Existential 2099 [patent pending]
| Wi-Fi capable, dual touch screens, analog thumb stick
| Surround sound speaker with digital recording
| Guaranteed functional in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th dimensions
| and all associated temporal vectors!
| Not responsible for Acts of Bowser
| (See thousand-year service warranty)

GPS LOG: Rogueport, Podley's Place
Year 20XX, Day %0
3:42 p.m.


LUIGI: [hesitantly] -sure you pressed the right switch?

PRINCESS DAISY: The bright red button with the label reading "press to start"?

L: Uh-huh.

D: Let's hope so.

L: You think it's working? The little green light is on.

D: Where did you find this unusual device?

L: Well...

D: "Gadd Science Inc. Existential 2099: Guaranteed functional in second, third, and fourth dimensions and all associated temporal vectors" - this looks like an advanced tool for recording scientific data.

L: Fancy, isn't it?

D: And the instruction manual - I can't make any sense of it. It's printed in Boo, Pidgit, and Chomp-Chomp!

L: That's okay, I speak Pidgit.

D: [thoughtfully] "Gadd Science Inc."... haven't you told me about Professor E. Gadd before? He's the genius who invented your ghost-sucking vacuum cleaner.

L: My Poltergust 3000? Oh, yeah.

D: Did he give you this, too?

L: Well, it's kind of embarrassing... I was a bit jealous of Mario's pocket-sized email thingy, you know? But thingys like that are pricey, and I'm still making payments to Torque - well, I talked to Professor E. Gadd, and he said I could button test his latest invention!

D: I think that's "beta test".

L: "Beta test?" What's a "beta"?

D: A secondary or tertiary generation prototype-

L: A... a whosis whatsis...?

D: -usually with lots of bugs.

L: ...BUGS? Where? Where? AAAAACK!

[stool falling]

D: [gentle chuckle] You still startle as easily as ever, I see.

L: -aaaack - Daisy, don't do that!

D: I'm sorry. Come on, sit back down. Let's test your Existential 2099 like the professor wanted. Tell me more about your adventures in the Waffle Kingdom.

L: I can't believe you came all the way to Rogueport just to hear about that.

D: It isn't that far from Sarasaland.

L: But Daisy, it's dangerous here. Princess Peach-

D: I know she was kidnapped. Again. That's the other reason why I'm here. I'm worried about my cousin.

L: Mario will save her. He always does.

D: I'm a little worried about your brother, too. I was recently talking with a local professor about the legends surrounding Rogueport... and the demon that's been sealed behind a great door for a thousand years...

L: Daisy, you're scaring me again.

D: I didn't mean to.

L: You gotta trust Mario. He'll put things right. He set out for the Thousand-Year Door today! And he has friends helping him, a Goomba girl and a Koopa and lots of others. They'll bring Peach back safe. But this is a city full of thieves; you shouldn't be here alone-

D: I'm not alone. I brought bodyguards, and I'm staying at the same inn as Toadsworth, and you're here too, aren't you? Now, aren't you going to tell me more about what happened in the Waffle Kingdom?

L: Oh, that?

D: Yes, that. The last time we spoke on the telephone, you said you were going to Hatesong Tower to battle the Chestnut King and save Princess Eclair.

L: Oh, that. Uh...

[long pause]

D: Luigi? Are you all right?

L: I... I beat him. I beat the Chestnut King. And another terrible monster after that. I saved Princess Eclair.

D: Well, I knew that.

L: You did?

D: My diplomatic contacts in the Waffle Kingdom told me she returned safely and married the Chestnut King - I guess you rescued him from an evil curse too, didn't you - but you didn't stay for the grand celebration?

L: Nah.

D: Did something happen?

L: Nope. Just returned to Rogueport.

D: I thought you loved festivals. I've seen you lead parades. You and Mario have invited me to the most exciting parties-

L: Yeah, yeah.

D: What aren't you telling me?

L: Huh? Sorry Daisy, that's all there is to the story. I saved Princess Eclair, I came back here. Had a light lunch. Then I took a nap.

[short pause]

D: Luigi... we've been best friends for years now, haven't we?

L: [cheerfully] Oh, yeah.

D: I've never lied to you about anything, have I?

L: [confused] No Daisy, of course not.

D: [softly] So why are you lying to me?

L: Daisy?

D: You... used to space out a bit whenever you said Princess Eclair's name... I know you cared for her. Deeply. You don't have to keep that a secret from me.

L: I... well, I-I...

D: I don't have many friends... I can't truly be friends with my subjects in Sarasaland, I have to make too many hard decisions that affect their lives... but you're not one of my subjects. I thought I could be friends with you.

L: Umm...

D: I never thought you would lie to me about anything. Not even Princess Eclair. I know I've never lied to you...

L: D-Daisy, I don't mean to lie to you, I just don't want to talk about this right now, okay?


D: [deep breath] Okay.

L: Don't be sad. 'Course we're friends. Best friends forever.

[longer pause]

D: Is it sunset already?

L: Wha... where'd all this darkness come from?

[Daisy's footsteps]

D: I don't think there was an eclipse forecast for today, was there? Look outside - it's turning pitch black.

L: Oh, no.

D: That Thousand-Year Door underneath Rogueport. Didn't you say Mario was going there to rescue Peach?

L: [gulp] Y-yes...

D: I wonder if this darkness is the demon's doing... if Mario is down there right now...

L: S-stop suh-suh-scaring me! P-please!

D: It's getting cold... I can't see.

L: [teeth chattering] Y-you gotta b-believe in Mario. H-he'll beat that monster - he'll get Peach back - he'll never give up!

D: Of... of course. Mario would never, ever give up...

Shadow Queen's Crypt
3:55 p.m.

SHADOW QUEEN: Who are these... beings that stand before me? They do not appear to possess power... but they may be of use. If you become my faithful servants, I will not harm you.

GOOMBELLA: Wh-what do we do, Mario? I mean, no WAY can we agree to serve her!
| * Refuse this witch!
|   Become her servant.

|   Refuse this witch!
| * Become her servant.


SQ: Then you shall serve... forever.

And so, the Shadow Queen ruled the world. But for Mario and Peach, it was truly...

**************GAME OVER*****************