Chapter Four: From Boos the Truth Told

by Victar (

GPS LOG: Twilight Inn
Year 20XX, Day %9
3:11 a.m.


LUIGI: Secret diary? It's me again, Luigi.

Getting the second black box was easy. It was everything else that was tough.

Our map from the Albaphoenix said we had to go to Twilight Town. It marked a warp pipe to Twilight Town, we found that no problem. What we didn't know was how to use it! It spit Daisy and me back out when we tried. I didn't know what to do. I asked Daisy, what should we do? I'm sure not going back to the Albaphoenix to ask him anything-

"Mario must have travelled a lot during his quest to rescue Peach. Did he ever go to Twilight Town?" Daisy said, her eyes tilted up like she was thinking really hard.

Well, yeah. Yeah, I knew Mario went to Twilight Town at least once, but that was all I knew. Whenever Mario and me swapped adventure stories in Rogueport, I did most of the talking. Mario just wasn't very chatty, he usually isn't whenever poor Peach gets kidnapped-

"Protected pipes like this typically recognize something to let people pass," Daisy continued. "Did you notice anything different about Mario, after he visited Twilight Town? A patch, or an emblem, or anything on his clothes?"

"Well, Mario likes to wear lots of powerful badges-"

"No, it wouldn't be anything magical like a Badge of Power. It would be something ordinary. A mark, or a word, or a picture."

I thought and thought about it. Then I thought some more. And I remembered!

"He... he had his name written on the back pocket of his overalls." Wow. I never knew I was so good at remembering things!

And I remembered exactly right! When we each wrote our names on ourselves, we could go through the pipe! Isn't that neat?

Twilight Town is so dark I can hardly see anything. So quiet it's spooky. All of the twilight townspeople are in that mindless zombie state. I think even the black birds in the trees are cawing "Serve the Queen!"

There was a trail leading out of town; I used my flashlight to follow it. When a huge, toppled dead tree blocked the path, Daisy started to get frustrated, but I helped her jump and climb over it. The trail stretched into a shadowy forest... and the monsters in the forest...

We could handle most of them. A few stayed away from us, I guess because of Daisy's black box. But some of the monsters - they were flower people like the ones who lived in Daisy's home of Sarasaland. Crazee Dayzees. I think I saw an Amazy Dayzee. They were all singing "Serve the Queen" like a powerful magic lullaby. It put me to sleep. Daisy is used to being around flowers who sing like that though, so she didn't fall asleep, she helped me stay awake.

Princess Daisy...

It's strange. I know she's smart, and brave, but when something gets to her it's like taking out the rivets in shaky scaffolding, CRASH! She can face down monsters or an evil box or a dragon, but seeing the flower people under the Queen's awful spell - she broke down in tears for a while. I don't know what to do when she gets like that. I just don't.

We pressed on, she stopped crying after a while anyway. The trail ended at this menacing steeple, and we figured the black box had to be in there. So we looked inside, we looked around a lot, but we didn't find a black box anywhere.

We found g-g-g-ghosts!

They were Boos! Scary, slimy Boos with gaping mouths and pointy teeth! Hundreds of them! If only I had my Poltergust 3000-!

Then the ghosts all came together to make ONE BIG GHOST! It boomed, "SERVE THE QUEEN!" in a spooky, spaced-out zombie way, and its mouth opened wide enough to gulp us like chewy candy!

I was so terrified! I grabbed Daisy's hand and was going to run, but she braced herself, I couldn't pull her away this time! She said, "Not yet."


I don't really understand her, I never will. Does she get scared? I know she gets sad and cries, but does she get frightened, ever? She shouted to the humongous Boo, "Where in this cathedral can we find a great black box steeped with powerful enchantments?"

I held my breath.


"Now we can run," Daisy told me.

We ran! We ran and ran, the humongous zombie Boo chased us but when we ran past the Crazee Dayzees their lullaby put it to sleep, it split into hundreds of little Boos again, all floating through the forest and sleeping. We ran all the way back to Twilight Town, and left the monsters far behind.

Daisy suggested searching Twilight Town. That was fine by me, I didn't want to go anywhere near that haunted forest or that creepy steeple again.

And guess what?

The box was inside Twilight Town all along! I found it in the back room of a shop, all the shop's goods were gone but the box was still there, hungry and waiting for more souls. Daisy put it in her pocket.

We're resting at the Twilight Inn now, it seems safe enough. But I can't sleep. It's just as well, 'cause Daisy asked me to watch for danger. Haven't seen anything bad yet, secret diary, although I'm still scared-

PRINCESS DAISY: [groggy] Luigi... are you talking to someone?

L: Well - oh. Did I wake you up? I'm sorry.

D: I can't sleep much anyway...


D: Luigi, you know all about Boos, don't you?

L: Me? Well, maybe a little.

D: Are they ever... honest?

L: Oh, no. No way.

D: Ever?

L: Huh? Daisy you gotta be kidding! Even the nicest Boos - and nice Boos are hard to find! - even they love to play pranks and practical jokes. G-ghosts are just mean, m-most of them, they're always trying to scare people, or lead them into traps, or turn people into more g-ghosts like them-! You can never, never trust what a Boo says. Even if a Boo really likes you it'll still talk in tricky riddles and sneaky hints-

D: That gigantic Boo didn't lie, or talk in riddles. When I asked a question, it answered honestly.

L: Uhh...

D: "You cannot find a soul on this earth more truthful than Her Majesty's legions." Not even a Boo soul, I suppose.

L: You're still thinking about what that bird said?


D: How old is Mario?

L: Huh?

D: You and Mario look like you're approaching middle age, but you've been living in the Mushroom Kingdom for a long time. I don't know when either of you were born. How old are the two of you?

L: Uhh, in Mushroom Kingdom years?

D: I've been trying to count the seasons since the day Mario rescued me - I've been trying for a while now, but I keep losing track-

L: You mean by a sun-type calendar, right? Dry Dry Outpost uses a moon-type calendar, I hope you don't mean one of those. They confuse me.

D: After all this time, Peach and I also look the same - we do attend beauty treatments and health spas, but you don't, do you?

L: Only if I have a coupon - hmmm, I guess the Rogueport calendar is the easiest one to use. Let's see...

D: I never thought about it before. I paid attention to the needs of my kingdom, diplomatic meetings, days of scheduled races and tennis meets and golf games and parties, but not the total amount of time...

L: That, and add that, carry the three, and add that-

D: ...and now I can't put my finger on how... how long...

L: Aaaagh, I can't do math in my head!

D: How old is Mario? How old are we?

L: Uhh, do you got any pencil and paper?

[short pause]

D: "'Heroes' are immune to the onslaught of Time. You could even say they are Immortal, for as long as they choose to remain 'heroes', or the close friends of 'heroes'."

L: Stop repeating what that bird said! What are you, a stupid parrot!?


...uhh, sorry Daisy. I, uh, didn't mean it like that.

[longer pause]

Daisy, don't be mad, I really didn't mean it. I know you're not stupid-

D: [coldly] You sleep now. I'll keep watch.

L: But-

D: Just drop it. And turn off your pidgit recorder.

L: [subdued] Okey-dokey.